Some Things You May Not Know About Used and Refurbished Cell Phones

Once i mention to one of my loved ones members or friends i would only buy a refurbished or somewhat used cellular phone they look at me like I actually may be crazy. I recently do not understand why, since use pre-owned, restored and other already used large ticket items such as cars, laptops and other electronics all the time. What is the big deal about buying an used phone that looks like new, costs a lot less money, and works the same as the new telephone you merely paid 3 times the money for? I actually could have purchased 3 different refurbished phones for the price of what a new cellphone costs. Lewisville cell phone repair

In this article, My spouse and i have come up with some reasons why I would privately buy a pre-owned, restored, or slightly used cellular phone.

Reason #1 – Insurance replacement cell mobile phones are in almost all cases refurbished phone. Persons who replace their cracked cellphone under their cellular phone companies insurance plan almost always be given a previously used, refurbished cell phone. In the event that you have previously substituted your phone under a cell phones insurance policy, chances are you have already used a refurbished cellular phone.

Reason #2 – Save a ton of cash! Well obviously the price tag on a pre-owned anything is generally going to cost less, but people do not realize the large amount you save by buying used or refurbished. Generally the price of buying a refurbished cellular phone over a brand new one from your cellular phone store could save you 33% or more! That same phone in slightly used (preloved) condition will usually save you 50% or more over its brand new comparable version. They are some tough times… I would rather keep my hard earned cash during my pocket for travel or for doing something else fun. Sure you can save a whole lot at the end of your 2 year deal when you are entitled to an upgrade, but the person with average skills replaces their phone every 18 months. Kind of ironic o the cellphone companies to make your contract every two years, don’t you think?

Purpose #3 – A great deal of sellers online sell refurbished cell phones as “new”. Most people can not differentiate between a refurbished cellphone and a new one. This extends back to reason #1 with the insurance companies. You probably a new restored cellular phone in the former and did not even know about it. The honest people who actually advertise their phones as refurbished generally sell the phones for less money. The ones advertised as new are in truth refurbished and the merchant banks on the customer not knowing the.

Purpose #4 – The effects on the environment are devastating. As with any camera out there, technology increases and at some point you conclude tossing away your device and replace it with a whole new one. With just mobile phones alone, upwards of 75, 000, 000 (one hundred or so million) cell phones wrap up in landfills each and every year. Just think about all the 3 rd world countries who are growing and are just beginning to use cel phone Could you envision if more and more people purchased a a little bit refurbished cell phone? Many people do not know how to fix mobile phones so they just throw out it away not noticing that almost all of the difficulties with phones can certainly be set and there are virtually millions of folks out there that purchase used and refurbished phones every season. The number of folks purchasing refurbished cell phones is growing drastically with companies like AT&T selling their refurbished cell phones online.

Reason #5 – Technology has not really altered much with cell cell phones in the past 5 years. Well maybe it includes with the launch of the iPhone and Rim cell phones and what not but even then you can get an used or refurbished version for way less money! I personally do not really know what I would do without my Blackberry mobile phone. I used it to email, txt friends and family, watch you pipe videos, surf the net, check sports scores, listen closely to music (check away “slacker radio” – their amazing! ), make use of it as my noisy alarms, plan meetings, etc, etc, and so on. I can go on for years, but you get the point. One of the features I just mentioned you can find a restored or previously owned version. Once again, helping you save a ton of your hard earned cash.

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